How to Prep Your Art

Have a vision for some really cool shirts?
Here are some tips that will lead to the best results!

If you have any questions or require graphics assistance, please contact us.
We can create/vectorize artwork for a fee.


For logos and text designs:

Vector files are always best!
In some cases, they are necessary to print your project.

An image example of how vector graphics preserve quality when resizing. The lines remain crisp and clear.       An image example of how raster graphics loose quality when resizing. The lines are pixelated.

Vector files end in .ai/.svg/.eps and sometimes .pdf.
To learn more about vector files, check out this quick video!

If you or your designer are unable to locate vector versions of the files,
high resolution .png file can sometimes suffice. 
Please send us high resolution .png images, 300 dpi or higher



Creating original artwork for shirts?

Consider these tips for best results:

  • Line art? Make sure your lines are thick enough. Too thin and they wont print! 
  • Try keeping your colour pallet under 6 colours.
  • Solid colours print more effectively than gradients and faded transitions.

Standard print sizes:

Full Chest: 11.25” wide
Full Back: 11.5” wide
Left Chest:
3.5” wide
Maximum height: 16"